Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Night Shoot at Playland (Day 5)

Todd (Keystone Extras) had the great idea to eat dinner before going to work, so we met-up at Anton's Pasta Bar. We arrived at the restaurant at approximately 6:00 pm which was perfect because we didn't have to deal with a line-up. Todd (Keystone Extras) and the food... I ordered the Fettuccine Con Prosciutto E Piselli. And Todd had this. For dessert, I had their Tiramisu. I (Keystone Extras) was done after this. I didn't have to eat anything for the rest of the day! While waiting for our bus, I stepped into the Sfinaki Greek Taverna to say, "hi," to some friends that run their family restaurant. This is my old high school classmate, Eva working in the kitchen. I kind of caught her off-guard in this photo. LOL!!! Finally at work now with King Brad (Showbiz Management) and Todd (Keystone Extras) Florence (LJR Talent Inc.) on her iPhone... Jared (In-Motion Talent) Commissioner Gordon (Hollywood North Extras Inc.) Our table playing Big Two... Our holding tent... I sat beside sweetheart, Alexa (Local Color). Jasmine (Keystone Extras) with Pinky (Local Color) and Ivette (Showbiz Management) Jasmine (Keystone Extras) breathing on my lips... Jasmine (Keystone Extras) and Pinky (Local Color) doing some "L Word" action... Ivette (Showbiz Management) and the Ed Rocker (Keystone Extras) It was my second day working with Misha (Local Color)! Playing poker now... Michelle (Showbiz Management) and her fiance, Shane (Local Color) reading in holding... Kirsten (Trushel-Thomson Talent), Amy (Urban Casting Inc.), Tara (Boss Management Inc.), and Eugene (In-Motion Talent) Kirin (Local Color) Alex (Local Color) making off with one of the TVs... LOL!!! Jasmine (Keystone Extras) with Alex (Local Color) going to work... She just loved her senior's outfit from the wardrobe department. LOL!!! Edwina (Keystone Extras) and Marie (Keystone Extras) posed for a photo during a break. We actually finished all our scenes at this location, so no more filming at Playland. Too bad though, it was pretty fun. Production: Click the entry's title. Type of Call: Cattle, 250 Background. Length of Call: 8 1/4 hours.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Night Shoot at Playland (Day 4)

A big difference in weather conditions from the previous week, today. There wasn't a cloud in the sky! Jade (In-Motion Talent) and Carla (In-Motion Talent) A got a seat with Todd (Keystone Extras) in holding. Alexa (Local Color) and I (Keystone Extras) Surya (In-Motion Talent) on the phone... A great shot of Jared (In-Motion Talent) and Misha (Local Color) I haven't worked with Eric (Hollywood North Extras Inc.) in 5 years! It was good to see him. His brother is actually my namesake! Eric is so cool that he drove a bunch of us to set when our transit system was on strike a few years ago. I'll never forget that and I'll always be thankful for his kindness. The notorious "cattle call"... They're actually pretty fun sometimes. Miranda (Blink Management) and Troy (Blink Management) Natalie (Showbiz Management), Michelle (Showbiz Management), and Shane (Local Color) Here's Tim giving the low down to the hordes of background performers. I finally got a chance to enjoy a ride. They put a few of us on the Ferris wheel! That's Troy (Blink Management) and Miranda (Blink Management) with another couple behind us. Hoori (In-Motion Talent) and Alexa (Local Color) Alexa (Local Color) and Sean (Showbiz Management) Oliver... I think he was one of the grips today. A few group shots on the steps during our break... The "Hobos of Hastings Park" playing poker... Roman (Golden Empire Talent), Brad (Showbiz Management), Andrea (Boss Management Inc.), Chris (Boss Management Inc.), and Ivette (Showbiz Management) Apparently, Chris got a Royal Flush during this game! Truly, a rare occurrence. Stephen (Urban Casting Inc.) The Ed Rocker (Keystone Extras) from a smoker's POV (namely Sukh's)... Later in the day, a group of us rode on the Pirate Ship! The first few swings were fun, but the take was long and I wanted off after the first 5 minutes. LOL!!! Roman (Golden Empire Talent) was having a lot of fun riding in the back. The sun was rising when I finally got home. Oh, and I learned a new word on set, "Asperger", but I kept calling it "Ass-Burgers". LOL!!! Production: Click the entry's title. Type of Call: Cattle, 450 Background. Length of Call: 12 1/4 hours.