Sunday, 12 February 2017

Megatron & the Animals

The Megatron picked me up this morning and we drove over to Breakfast Table for some eats.  :-)
Since we were heading down south to visit her friend's farm, I suggested we stop by the North 40 Park Reserve...
to see all the eagles!
There are so many here because of the organic composting farm next door.  ;-)
We bumped into Monty and his daughter, Teela too!  :-)
The loss of Gus was still fresh on our minds, so we were looking for some animal therapy.  ;-)
I knew exactly where to go....
since we used to film "Falling Skies" at this location.
There goes a juvenile.
They're so majestic...
in flight!
Just don't bring little dogs here.  ;-)
It certainly was a beautiful day to visit the sights.
I remembered the Wellbrook Winery was close, so we stopped by and picked-up a couple bottles.  ;-)
We eventually arrived at Heidi's place...
and met their piglet!
We all got a turn to feed him.
So damn cute!
He wouldn't keep still.  LOL!
Very hungry though.
And he's off to the races!
Piglet bum.  :-)
Time to meet the horses, so we walked outside!
It was good to see a smile on Megan's face.  :-)
The horses were happy to see us too.
Oh wow!  The big momma pig.
What a wonderful day!

Gratitude to Heidi for inviting us over!!!  :-)

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