Friday, 12 April 2019

WBPI (Day 5)

Holly (In-Motion Talent) has been a fun newbie to work with on this production!  :-)
Oh look, who do we have here?!?
Baxter is his name.  :-)
And here was another highlight to our day!
I'm sure he could tell we were having lunch,
but I (Lucas Talent) also think he wanted to say, "hi,".  
He was very friendly,
so I (Lucas Talent) showed him my appreciation.  :-)
One of the crew members rode this on to set!
It's the Polaris Slingshot and looks likes half of the Batmobile.  Hehe...
We couldn't complain about today's weather!  ;-)

Production: "Wedding Belle".
Type of Call: 23 Background.
Length of Call: 8.2 Hours.

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