Saturday, 20 July 2019

Boundary Bay Airshow: 2019

I parked RED-5 at Kimberly and Matt's place before the long walk towards...
the Boundary Bay Airport...
where the Airshow was taking place today!
A lot of people showed-up for this one...
because it was free!
Kimberly and her twin sister, Angela!  :-)
This was my main interest of the day, the CF-18 Hornet!  It was fucken loud!!!  :-)
The Canadian Forces Snowbirds also performed and this pilot was a woman!?!
I dig the red.
The party was over now...
and the tarmac and the planes...
looked all lonely.  :-(
Back at the house,
Stryker was all smiles!
It was pretty evident that Kimberly was his sweetheart.  Haha!

And that's how you blow-out candles with a mischievous little brother around.  Haha!
In the evening, it was time for some singing with these peeps!  :-)

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