Monday, 4 November 2019

TGD (Season 3: Day 5)

You gotta hand it to this studio.  They always have an available shuttle ready to go!  ;-)
Today's booking was special to me because I (Lucas Talent) was reunited with some "MECH-X4" alumni!  Skip and Pam were back up here accompanying...
their daughter, Alyssa!!!  :-)
She booked a guest starring role on this show!  Once I (Lucas Talent) heard about it, I looked to see if her episode fell on my hiatus and it did, so I asked Jen at Lucas Talent if she can get me a day on it and she did!
Brandon (C-Camera 1st Assistant) was here too!


Big thanks to Jen (Lucas Talent) and Freeman Casting for making this all happen!!!  :-)

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 22 Background.
Length of Call: 3.9 Hours.

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