Saturday, 18 January 2020

TCAOS: Season 2 Netflix Screening

Christine and I got an invite to this special event!
Well, these peeps were invited too.  Hehe...
Netflix held an exclusive screening of the first episode of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 3"...
After the episode was done they held a Q&A session with the performers.
While everyone was busy with the panel, I took the opportunity to take some photos by the fireplace...
with Corey.  I think he had the better pose.  ;-)
These guys just copied us.  Haha!

Henia, Jana, and I used this set too!  LOL!
Hannah and her husband were watching too.
I spotted Christine through a reflection.
I'm all smiles with Tati!  :-)
Gavin took my phone and snapped a selfie.  Haha!
Then we got one together...
and with Maddie and Sam!
Skye, Lucie, and Emily took part as well!
We're so lucky to be working with such a wonderful cast!  :-)
"I see you, Sheila!"
Stand-up, Edwin!"  Haha!
Chelsea was shy to get in this, but we eventually convinced her.  Hehe...
Lachlan is so avant garde.
Later that evening, we went up to the D6 Bar & Lounge.
I partied with Jana and Henia...
and then I walked around the casino until my buzz wore-off.  ;-)

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