Saturday, 29 April 2017

International Tabletop Day Board Game Quest

I did my part this morning.  ;-)
Mitchell asked me if I wanted to do the International Tabletop Day Board Game Quest today, so I met him at our first stop: Players Wanted Games & Collectibles.  The object of the quest was to get a card stamped at all four participating stores in order to be entered into a contest to win $200 in Gift Certificates!
Second stop: Starlit Citadel.

They moved into a new location and it's now an actual store as opposed to their old online pick-up warehouse!  :-)
Third stop: Drexoll Games.

We had to spot eight stuffed monkeys.  LOL!
Fourth and final stop: Pizzeria Ludica & Game Room.
Chris, Gayle, and Todd eventually joined us for dinner.
When we were done eating, we started to play Fury of Dracula!  I really love this game which is why I was sad to hear that it's no longer in print because Fantasy Flight Games lost the rights to it.  :-(
Can you imagine how excited I was to see an actual copy of it when we went to Magic Stronghold?!?  I snatched it immediately!  ;-)

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