Monday, 19 June 2017

A Long Walk with Landon and Angie

After I took a little nap, I drove over to Angie and Landon's place.
I think the big guy was raring to go for a walk,
so it was perfect timing!  :-)
Angie and her Leonberger.
They were loving it here at Jonathan Rogers Park!  :-)
Landon was curious about the community garden...
and then grazed into the open field of grass.
On the way back, we ran into these peeps jamming their bluegrass!
Nearby, we were disappointed that the 33 Acres Brewing Company wasn't serving coffee at this time of the day.  :-(
Landon was cool with that...
because he heard that Megan and I will be picking-up one of these puppies in August from Chase Creek Labradoodles!!!  :-)

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