Sunday, 4 June 2017

Mateo Turns 6!!!

A bunch of us went over to Casa Deuma today...
to celebrate Mateo's sixth birthday!  :-)
Inside, we were adulting.  ;-)
I brought the MOMMIETRON with me too!
 Thanks to Quan, I was able to get into a few of these photos.
And yes, that's Gil from Calgary!  He's no longer a Wrangler Jeans Man.  He's a Sk8er Boi now!  ;-)
Gil's working on contract here with Solaris!
Bring on the cake!
He's off to university next year!  Hehe...
"Give me some of that sweetness!"  :-)
In the backyard, the kids weren't able to flyaway in their blow-up castle.  :-(
"He looks like Mark Pellegrino!"  Haha!
Just the boys in this one.  ;-)
Oh great, someone's up to no good.
I think I'll join her!  ;-)

Happy Birthday Mateo!!!  :-)

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