Saturday, 17 August 2019

A Two Birthday Saturday!!

It was Cal's birthday,
so her dad,
and friends took her out for some brunch at Giovane!  :-)
After our meal, I met-up with some other kids at the Spanish Banks Dog Beach!  :-)
It was Tarun's birthday too!
A bunch of our friends brought their dogs...
for some fun in the water because the tide was low.  :-)
Haku loves to play fetch.
He and June got along really well when they first met.
Sisters, Juliet and Alex.
Loki and his dad.
The dogs were just loving the water.
We just walked on top of all the sandbars.
Here comes Haku!
He's such a good boy!
A boy and his dog.
Haku, Buddy, and Coco all waited for a treat from Andy.  Haha!

You gotta love those eyes!  :-)
Eventually, Rob and the others came by.
Cal, Rob, Troy, and Sue on the rocks.
These two were in town because one of their friends was participating in the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon.
"I will stand like a flag in the wind."  ;-)
Time for dinner at Cardero's!
This girl and her friends wanted to cab it to Stanley Park, so I offered to give her a piggyback instead.  Haha!
The party was pumpin' at the festival!?!  I think we're going to make this an annual thing.  ;-)
Happy Birthday, Cal!!!  :-)

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