Saturday, 31 August 2019

MoPOP & Blink-182

I got a last minute invite from TJ early this morning...
to join her, Camryn, and Patrick for a trip down to Seattle!?!
We checked-out the Museum of Pop Culture first.
Yup, that's a Spinner...
from "Blade Runner"!!!
Here we have a Guitarnado!?!  
A bunch of bands were playing live upstairs.
I love the note on top of this Nirvana album cover.  Haha!
In the sci-fi gallery, they had Luke's lost lightsaber!
"David, I'm going to break."
It's Teddy from "A.I. Artificial Intelligence"!
"This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training."  ;-)
"Have you ever retired a human by mistake?"
"Logic clearly dictates, the needs of the many outway the needs of the few or the one."
"Snakes.  Why'd it have to be snakes?"
And here we have Todd's outfit from "TRON: Legacy".  Haha!  (Just kidding.)
Later in the evening, we drove down to Auburn to watch Lil Wayne...
and Blink-182 perform at the White River Amphitheater!!!

Gratitude to TJ for asking me to join them today!!!  :-)

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