Monday, 5 December 2016

Full-Time Work (Season 2: Day 42)

I guess this cargo container is a permanent fixture on our set.  :-)
I see you Trevor (Stunt Coordinator).
What are Neil (Director of Photography) and Glen (A Camera Operator) up to here?
Oh, I see.
It's a camera on a skateboard!  LOL!
Look what happened to Brandon (A Camera Second Assistant) when he tried to suppress his sneeze!  ;-)
The beauty of this job is that I (Lucas Talent) can wear whatever I want which comes in handy when the weather gets cold.  ;-)
(Lucas Talent) can also look like Bane.  ;-)

Production: Confidential.
Type of Call: Stand-in.
Length of Call: 12.7 Hours.
Awww, it looks like Gus had fun at daycare!  :-)
Oh fuck!  Look what I came home to after work.  I guess the MOMMIETRON didn't donate all the shirts I gave-up.  LOL!

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