Sunday, 4 December 2016


(Lucas Talent) worked with Viki (Showbiz Management) today and we found someone that could help-out with Second Team!  ;-)
Our holding was inside this Karate dojo.  :-)
Outside, I (Lucas Talent) was flanked by Jodi (Showbiz Management) and Ayla (Showbiz Management)!  
Robyn is assisting the director on this production!
Surya (In-Motion Talent) and Deb (Local Color) are the stand-ins.
(Lucas Talent) love Robyn because she's such a sweetheart.  :-)
Here's my other girlfriend, Devon (Key Hair Stylist)!  Hehe...  ;-)
Second Team was looking good!  LOL!

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 18 Background.
Length of Call: 9.2 Hours.
While I was working, the Megatron was having fun with Paige and Gus!  :-)

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