Thursday, 8 December 2016

Full-Time Work (Season 2: Day 45)

It's Jersday again.
It's really catching on now!  :-)
Brandon (A Camera Second Assistant) and Rob (A Camera First Assistant) wore theirs as they warmed-up sausage rolls on their heater.  Haha!
"That's a good number, Rob (A Camera First Assistant)."  :-)
Sacha (Boom Operator) was looking good too.
(Lucas Talent) also brought back Paycheque Poker!
Oh, oh, oh, I want this little drone of Rob's (A Camera First Assistant) !  :-)
My jacket came in handy again today.  ;-)
Check out the new air filter masks production gave us!
More jerseys on set!
This marked the last day of the block for Kevin (Second Assistant Director), Riley (First Assistant Director), and Adam (Director).  We won't see them until the next year.
Time for the best part of the night!
The Special Effects Department has so much fun on this production.
Everyone had a good laugh at the end of our day!  :-)
Take a bow, Kyle (Special Effects).  You deserve it!  :-)

Production: Confidential.
Type of Call: Stand-in.
Length of Call: 12.1 Hours.

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