Wednesday, 12 July 2017


I biked to work today and on my way, I stopped by Body Energy Club for a shake and saw Teresa!  :-)
Randy (Showbiz Management) and Ann (Showbiz Management) were a couple of high-powered legal eagles on this set.  ;-)
Parry Bobo (Showbiz Management) was considering pressing charges...
against this stupid ass busker who tried to coerce production into paying her to stop singing during our shoot.  I hope the cops gave her a ticket because she kept on going well past 10:00 pm which is the cut-off time for all busking in this location.
Awww, one of the actors came out to greet all the adoring fans after we were done filming!  :-)

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 26 Background.
Length of Call: 6.2 Hours.

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