Sunday, 9 July 2017

Squamish Nation 30th Annual Powwow

Kiri invited us to this year's powwow, so naturally we accepted!  :-)
The Integrated Police Unit were honoured first.
It was a big turnout today!
Here comes the big parade!
This was only my second time at this powwow.
The flag bearers.
A lot of kids participated too!
Ohhh, I love these guys!
Here come the Jingle Girls!
There's Kiri!  :-)
Awww, the little ones are so cute!
Look at all the colours!
The Cape Dancers.
and more...
kept coming!
A circle of prayer.
Kiri worked hard on her outfit!
It's absolutely beautiful!!!  :-)
"What do you think, Jude?"  Hehe...
This girl in her cape...
looked like she was flying!
Pretty!  :-)
"Dance girls, dance!"
These guys were exciting to watch!  Powwow?  This was more like a Wowwow!!!  ;-)
Equally exciting was the Potato Dance!  LOL!  Couples place a potato between each other's forehead and hold it there as long as they can during the dance.  The last couple standing wins!
Great job, Kiri!

This was a fucken awesome weekend!!!  :-)

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