Saturday, 8 July 2017

Professor Bole's Birthday!!!

In the morning, I met-up with Caitlyn, Megan, and Jeremy at the Trout Lake Farmers Market.
We enjoyed some shade on the grass...
and then had brunch at Havana!  :-)
Afterwards, I met-up with Greg and friends at Find and Seek to escape from one of their two rooms!  Both of our groups were successful!  :-)
"What's this?"
A picnic of course!
The birthday group all met-up at Jericho Beach...
to feast and celebrate our combined victories!  Haha!
Archer showed-up too!
He was looking for handouts at first,  
but later came over for some cuddles and tickles.  Once it got dark, we went over to Angie and Greg's for some gaming!  I haven't had this much fun at a birthday in a long time!

Thank you, Greg and Happy Birthday!!!  :-)

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