Saturday, 12 October 2019

A Dog Saturday Afternoon

I was armed at the hip!  Haha!  
Daisy-Lou with Bailey.
How many dogs can you place on a tree stump?
Staying on top of a log proved even more difficult.  LOL!
Even this shot took a lot of work!
Long-bodied dogs only.  Hehe...
These peeps are pretty much the Fraser River Park Dog-Walking Club.  ;-)
I love Poppy!!!
She reminds me so much of Gus!  :-)
Whenever Jennifer has her, she always calls me.  :-)
Nulo and Daisy-Lou are her dogs.
This is Mika!
He's a cutie too!
The only way to keep Nulo quiet is to put him on the spot.  ;-)
Daisy-Lou the giant!?!
Waiting for bubble tea now.  LOL!

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