Saturday, 26 October 2019

Hallowiener Get-Together

The Dachshunds and friends got together at Fraser River Park this afternoon!
Nulo was dressed-up for the occasion.
And then Beetlejuice wanted my Filet-O-Fish!  Haha!
Oh and could this be my favourite ghost?!?  Hehe...
Unicorn sighting!
Look at all these hot dogs!
Sophie is such a sweetheart!
She may be blind, but she still knows how to have a good time.  :-)
So many people turned-up for this event!
Oh no, a pirate!?!
The Queen of Dachshunds aka Jennifer!
She's the one who organized this party.
Mika the Teddy Bear!  :-)
Time for a group shot!
And the trouble we went through putting it together.  Haha!
"Cry havoc!"
I went "Interstellar" today.  ;-)
Wore the shirt...
and the watch with my jacket!  ;-)
I finally caught the Teddy Bear!  Haha!
Awww...  They love Jennifer!
Ohhh...  There's my baby, Poppy!!!  :-)
We finished-off our day at Bubble Bear!  :-)

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