Friday, 4 October 2019

The Murph Watch!!!

First, I took MOMMIETRON Sandiego out to Cinnzeo.  ;-)
And then we walked over to Lugaro Jewellers...
where I picked-up...
this pretty cube!
Inside it was the Murph Watch by Hamilton!
It's the same timepiece that was featured in one of my favourite movies, "Interstellar"!
I became interested in this watch after watching the film, but was disappointed to find out that it was a special commissioned movie prop and only a few of them actually existed, so none of them were available to the general public...
until now!  It took Hamilton 5 years to finally release this Khaki Field Automatic Watch to the open market.
It even comes inside a Limited Edition Tesseract Box created by the movie's production designer, Nathan Crowley!  :-)
There is one added difference to the original prop though.  On the watch's second hand, there's a message lacquered in morse code.


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