Sunday, 8 September 2019

2019 Springdale Cup

Introducing the 2019 Baxter High Ravens aka Team Sabrina!
We kept our eye on the prize.  ;-)
Cam, our cast driver was also our coach for the past month.  :-)
Our dugout was more like a dogout.  Hehe...
Max is so cute!
Chance is his daddy.
A good luck kiss before he goes out to play.
This is Chance's other dog, Peanut!
Even Yasmin couldn't resist Max's charm.  Haha!
Mel and Jaden are true fans!  :-)
And so is Tracy!
Randy showed-up looking all dapper and posed with Miranda and Lucy!
My turn now.
I can't remember what Randy said, but it made us all laugh.  LOL!
Yeah, Baby!  Haha!
Getting goofy with Annette and Lachlan.
Chance and I both miss Kelly.  She's on "Batwoman" now!
Brandon just sitting back, enjoying a cold one.
Jag's dog, Zora was in a time-out, so a bunch of us kept her company.
She's such a sweetheart!  :-)
Here's Chuck, the guy who put this all together!  He presented the trophy to this year's champions,
the Baxter High Ravens!!!  Five other teams played in this year's tournament: "Riverdale", "Batwoman", "Supergirl", "Flash", and the Justice League (which consisted of a mixture of players from each production.)
The fact that our cast and crew are so eager to participate in this event, speaks volumes about the attitude on our production!  ;-)
Big thanks to Chuck for organizing this event and to Cam, Josiah, and Paul for holding all our practices!!!  :-)

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