Sunday, 29 September 2019

Mission Raceway Park

We finally had a chance to visit the Mission Raceway Park today!
The Hot Rod Racers Association held a competition this weekend.
There were so many types of cars drag racing!
And here's the reason for us attending this event, Dereck (lead car)!  He's a transport driver on our show, so when he mentioned he'd been racing, I got interested.  ;-)
It got a little chilly, so the MOMMIETRON bundled-up with a blanket.
We went for a walk to find Dereck's camp...
and after a couple of minutes, we found him and his son, Grayson!  :-)
He let me sit in his car!
Channelling Cole Trickle.  Haha!
It's all bare-bones inside!?!
I was surprised his car was automatic!?!
We never thought we'd have so much fun here!
We continued our walk and spotted this sweet ride!  :-)
LOL!  Now, she's really cold!  :-(
All the other cars were lined-up for another race,
but the MOMMIETRON wasn't digging the cold wind, so we peaced-out.

We'll be back!!!  :-)

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