Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Day-Off with Juno!

I actually had a weekday off, so the MOMMIETRON and I picked-up Juno and we had something to eat at the new Buddha-Full!  :-)
Juno met Coco when we went to Oakridge Tailors to get some of Mom's clothes altered.
Will and Joy couldn't get over Juno's cuteness.  Haha!
Our next stop, Stavros Auto Body to see Niko!  It took awhile, but he finally met her.  :-)
Here's another first, Juno coming home with me!
She guarded me as I pooed.  LOL!
I'm in love with this cutie pie!
I gave her a ball to play with...
and then she was ready for a nap.
After a little sleep, we went over to Angie's for a walk with Landon!
These two are so good with each other.  :-)
Angie and I had dinner at Pho Goodness...
as our babies waited by our side.  :-)
Once we finished our meal, we walked across the street for some coffee at JJ Bean.
So preoccupied with getting the perfect photo with Juno, Angie spilt her coffee!  Haha!
That's my baby!  :-)
When we got back home, I gave her Gus' old bed.  She liked it,
but she found a better vantage point on my bed.  LOL!

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