Saturday, 16 September 2017

Glenn's 50th!!!

This was a good start to my morning, FaceTiming with Juno while I was pooing!  :-)
I eventually met-up with her and Megatron downtown.  We had brunch at Tap & Barrel...
and Juno had water.  :-(
It was very scenic here,
so we took some photos with the little girl.
Juno and her mommy.
Juno whispering to her daddy.
She sure is getting bigger...
and heavier!
Megatron took a photography class a few years ago, but she still doesn't know how to frame-up a shot properly.  LOL!
See?  Look at my shot.  ;-)
Awww, she loves to walk now.
Uh oh, here she comes!
"What do you think, Dennis?  Should we apply her to the K9 Unit?"  Hehe...
Juno the Seventh-Day Adventurist.  ;-)
I love my baby girl!!!  :-)
Sleeping time.
In the evening, it was party time...
at Gina and Glenn's place!
Heather was here!
She works with Glenn now.
Enter Barry and Hartley!
Gina was grilling some pork bellies.
"Good job, Gina!"  Haha!
So many friends and family...
turned-out for this one.
Here comes the cake!
Uh oh, we found-out Glenn's got three girlfriends!  Hehe...
Vintage is right.  ;-)
"Get the 'F' outta here!"  LOL!
Ohhh, Sophia got tired.
Glenn said she knows where the dog lovers are in the house.  ;-)
Fuck you, Jivan for joining our poker table with that stack!  Hehe...
The cutie won the first tourney!  LOL!

Thanks for having us over, you guys!

Happy Birthday Glenner!!!  :-)

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