Saturday, 2 September 2017

J-Dawg Meets More Friends!!!

I picked-up the Badger...
and Juno this afternoon...
and we drove down to Ladner to visit Huxley...
and Kimberly!
Poor Malia.  She's crying in this photo because she fell-off the swing.  :-(
Check out Juno's new dog tag!
"Rebellions are built on hope!"  ;-)
Juno seems to love it!  :-)
After leaving Kimberly's place, we drove over to Steveston and had lunch at Pajo's!
Then we called-up Angela for a little hang-out.
Bobo-G Meets J-Dawg!!!  :-)
Angela hand-fed the little one...
and Juno loved it.
Uh oh, now she's spoiled.  Haha!
LOL!  Juno looks brown in this photo!
She's tired here.
"Hi Baby!"  :-)
As the sun was setting, we began to walk.
The girls during the golden hour.
It's the best time to take photos with the natural light.
I also set my iPhone's camera to Portrait Mode.
Wait!  Angela had an idea.
Hold a cutie pie.  Haha!
See?  Juno's a natural in front of the camera!
Yay!  A teddy bear hug is what Angela needed because she recently lost her beloved cat, Lady Bug.
Shiny Happy Faces!!!  :-)

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