Thursday, 21 September 2017

Things to Do & People to See

I booked the day-off today, so I could pick-up little Juno...
and go to my dentist appointment.  The MOMMIETRON looked after the little girl while I had my teeth cleaned.
Juno made her appearance at Lucas Talent and finally met Jennifer and Derek!  :-)
After picking-up my money, it was time to spend some of it at McArthurGlen.  ;-)
A lot of shoppers wanted to meet the apricot one.
Who could blame them?
LOL!  They both pose the same way!
Juno loves her Lola.  :-)
She's grown alright because she can jump on to my bed now!?!
It's okay though, she's welcome to it.  :-)
In the evening, I drove over to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum!
I've walked past this building so many times,
but I never knew there was a large museum underground!
This is where Angela's latest art installation opened-up!  :-)
Yup, that's her!
I spotted the artist...
and some friends!
Mike and Yona added some colour to Angela's work.
There are two large wall pieces here!
Now, that's some hardcore colouring!
What do you expect from members of a cheer team?  ;-)
Angela also sold some artwork from her stand.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
This is the skeleton of a Blue Whale from Prince Edward Island! 
Time to eat at the Storm Crow Alehouse!
Of course, we played Survive: Escape from Atlantis!  It's one of the easiest games to learn and it's fun too.  ;-)

Congratulations to Bobo-G on her opening!!!  :-)

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