Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fun at Harrison Lake

We got-up pretty early this morning for the drive to Harrison Lake.
We all got here early because we didn't want to miss a chance to play on the Harrison Watersports Water Park!

We set-up base camp in the shade from this Weeping Willow.  ;-)
We had an enjoyable view from this spot.
And here we go!  We had to take a little shuttle to get to the inflatable park.
I ran into a bunch of friends of the Deumas!  Haha!
Time to relax.
The water park was tiring, but awesome!
Hehe... Everyone here has the same idea.  ;-)
Can you tell which towels are mine?  ;-)
Awww...  Mitchell wanted to get a photo with Harry.  :-)
More friends joined us as the day went on!

Big thanks to Mandi for the invite!!!  :-)

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