Sunday, 10 September 2017

Juno Meets Rachael!!!

Juno was ready to meet some of my other friends today!  :-)
and family!  :-)
Oh and Bazinga, their cat!  Things went well.  Haha!
Oh no!  Where did she go?!?
She eventually disengaged her cloaking device.  Hehe...
Rachael went downtown to meet the girls for brunch, so Juno got stuck with all the boys.
Awww...  Poor Mike, he really wanted a dog.
Juno's my Star Wars dog!
It even looks like she's wearing a bandolier in this photo!  ;-)
Time for some rest at home before her puppy class tonight.
I was a little hangry, so I tried to eat her.
I had to stop though because she had class at Bravo Dog.  As you can see, Labradoodles are quite popular at these lessons!  :-)
Ryder was the only Pit Bull.
It was so cute to watch all the little ones run around here!  :-)
After class, the Megatron and I went to the new Buddha-Full location.
You can only swing at the Northwoods Village.  :-)
We were both having fun with their swing seats!  Haha!
"Two LoBos, please." 
I started to have fun taking photos here.
See?  This is a good one!  :-)

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