Saturday, 28 October 2017

Happy 82nd Birthday to the MOMMIETRON!!!

As promised, Angie and Landon came by Mom's church today!
They were also introduced to Todd and Alex!
The birthday girl eventually got-in on some of the photos being taken.  LOL!
Check out our matching Blundstones!  It was my gift to her.  ;-)
"Hey, you guys!!!"  ;-)
June loves her fun Auntie!  :-)
Landon wanted to share in the love too.  LOL!
My little girl absolutely adores the big guy!  :-)
We patiently waited for the service to end...
before we got a taste of Mom's Tuxdeo cake.  I ordered it from Bon Bon Bakery (recommended by Rich and Pauline).
Ohhh, she's so cute!
She's about to blow!  Haha!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!  :-)
After all the eats, Angie and Landon left for Whistler, so Todd, Alex, and I went for a walk...
with June to Jonathan Rogers Park.
Little J was loving it here.  :-)
Since Todd and I couldn't make it to Paul's service yesterday, we all had a drink today in his honour.
Looks like someone got her fill of exercise for the day.  Hehe...
On the way back, I ran into Jem and Tara!  You're looking at the "MECH-X4" Alumni!  ;-)
In the evening, June and I went over to Lesley and Tyler's place...
where the girls were carving pumpkins!
They worked hard tonight,
but it paid-off!

Great job, girls!!!  :-)

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