Monday, 30 October 2017

; (Day 2)

Introducing Hunter!
He was here with his mom, Jill.
Looks like we have another canine in the mix!
Her name was Leia!  :-)
Hey, wait a minute!  You're not fooling me!  ;-)
Life in the sun.
(Lucas Talent) ran into Philip on this production.  He was our Dolly Grip on Season One of "MECH-X4".  :-)
Apparently, this was the first time on set for these dogs and their parents.  There was even one guy with a 4-month-old Pug that just decided to take-off in the middle of our day without telling anyone!  I think they still paid him.  Haha!
June could totally be engaging a cloaking device around here!  Hehe...  ;-)
"I love you too, Steve (Picobello Talent)!"  LOL!

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 23 Background.
Length of Call: Hours.

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