Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween with the Nasus

June (Lucas Talent) and I (Lucas Talent) are ready to take on the whole world now,
but we just had a fitting today.  Haha!  
Looks like Brando had his own type of fitting at the office with his mom.  Hehe...  :-)
The rest of the day was free for us, so we drove up to Squamish in the afternoon!  I got June to pose on the same bench that Gus and I sat on over 3 years ago.
See?  :-)
They're so special, aren't they?
We tried to surprise Krystle up at Quest, but she decided to have a half-day today.  :-(
Oh well, that didn't stop us from having fun though.
We were good to go!
I never knew June had a necktie for a tongue!?!  ;-)
Two heads are better than...
I introduced Evan to my little girl.
Watching them play in the backyard was like watching Rocky Balboa chase a chicken.  LOL!
Mike and Natasha are planning on getting a puppy too, but they wanted to test Evan's allergies with a multi-generational Labradoodle first.  ;-)
"Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"  ;-)
Natasha fell in love with my little sweetheart.
A couple of cuties here!
What a good girl!  She even helped me give out candy to the neighbourhood kids tonight.
She sleeps.  :-)

Happy Halloween!!!

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