Friday, 20 October 2017

The Devil Inside (Day 2)

The weather was pretty rough at the start of our day.  :-(
I still got a smile from Harley though.  :-)
Ohhh...  I like what they've done to this place!
 Look at all those seagulls down there!
The sun will come out!
Our waterfront view was starting to improve.
Even Kaitlin pulled-up chair.
Hey look, Alistair is working in Special Effects on this production!  Good for him!
See?  Big difference from the earlier photo.
Do not come between the Yoris (Best Boy LX) and his chili.  LOL!
with fluffy clouds.
Ohhh, there's a house up for sale there!?!
Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 4 Background.
Length of Call: 6.9 Hours.
I got wrapped just in time to make Rory's board game night!
We played one of my favourites, Fury of Dracula!  :-)

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