Saturday, 7 October 2017

Thanksgiving at Bobo-G's!!!

I went for an afternoon walk with...
Juno and the Megatron...
at Ambleside Park today!
This girl's all about laying down.  LOL!
She got a little wet today...
and tired from playing with all the dogs at the park.
At sunset, I took Little J to Angela's place for dinner.
"Excuse me, but do you have any room on this couch for me to sleep on?"  Haha!
Todd and Alex also joined-in on the fun!
Angela slaved away in her kitchen just to feed us all,
but she loved it!

Thank you, Bobo-G!!!  :-)
After our meal, Alex had the great idea to visit Paul at the hospital!
He's going to be here for a few weeks because he's awaiting open-heart surgery.  Paul was in good spirits and he enjoyed the company.  Juno was glad she could provide a little therapy, pro bono.  Hehe...

Get well soon, Paul!!!  :-)

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