Friday, 13 October 2017

A Go-See, Picobello, and Deep Cove

I had an early morning go-see for a feature today.  Casting was looking for ice skaters, so they held the session at 8 Rinks.
That's Colin (Showbiz Management) in the yellow bib!  I eventually skated in the next group.
After I was done, I met-up with Tim at Whole Foods!
People thought he was a celebrity because I was taking so many photos of him when he arrived!  Haha!
We grabbed some coffee and then went up to their office of Picobello Talent.  Business is doing very well because they've already earned back their initial investment since opening in July!  :-)
And now for my little baby...
We took a few hours to chill...
before heading-out to Deep Cove!
For the longest time, I never knew this old corner store used to belong to Charlie's family!?!  It's a classic here.
Awww...  Juno enjoys beautiful views.
She must be sick and tired of me getting her to pose all time.  Haha!
Back to admiring the view.
I don't want her to be scared of the water, so I keep tossing her into it.  LOL!
She's pretty good off-leash and I'm quite impressed with her recall even with distractions around her! ;-)
It's so beautiful here!
The view got even better before we left!  :-)

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