Saturday, 14 October 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas Market

In the morning, Todd and I helped with the set-up of this market.
Xander and Rae minded their store.
I loved this little outfit they were selling!  :-)
A line-up of patrons started to form pretty early!
Mindy Gal was one of them!  I haven't seen her in years!  :-)
The line got even longer in the afternoon.
Cleary the venue wasn't big enough for this event, but what a success this was for Marie and Ashley! :-)
The market drew so many people to the area that the neighbouring businesses benefited from all the foot traffic!  Maybe next year, they'll hold it at the Anvil Centre.  ;-)

Congrats, you guys!!!  :-)
In the evening, I went to the Intro Night (for voice-overs) held by On the Mic Training!
It was so much fun and very informative for the 2 hours we were there!  I learned a lot about the business.  I'm definitely going to look into it.  :-)
I finished my evening with a game of poker at Glenn and Gina's.  :-)

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