Sunday, 2 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 2)

I finally arrived at the Dublin Airport!  It only took me around 13 hours.  Hehe...  Just outside the terminal was the Airlink Express Bus.
It only costed me 7 Euros and it brought me to Dublin's city centre within half an hour!
Wow, so beautiful here!
This is when I had to take a minute and realize that it was the first time I was visiting Europe!
I was in awe of all the old buildings...
and the new.
Now, that's one tall spire!
I took a bunch of shots of the city's architecture.
I considered renting a car,
but I decided not too since I'm not used to driving on the other side of the road.  ;-)
The River Liffey...
runs through it.
There's Christ Church Cathedral.
I just walked along this river...
and took in all the sights.
Ahhh, the Guinness Factory!  I'll be visiting soon.
I finally checked-in at the Ashling Hotel.  My room was great, so I took a nap!  :-)
Once I woke-up, I made my way over to the Guinness Storehouse!
I paid 23 Euros for the tour.
The place was busy with tourists!
Encased on the floor was the 9000 year lease that Arthur Guinness signed for his factory!
Inside the Tasting Room, our guide asked, "Are you all ready to taste some Guinness?"
I responded, "HELL YEAH, BROTHER!!!"  The whole room broke-out in laughter.  LOL!
Here we are at the Guinness Academy...
where I learned how to pour...
the perfect pint.  You have to let it settle first before you...
top it off.  And here she is, perfect!
Slainte!!!  :-)
I enjoyed my beverage up top at the Gravity Bar!
You get a 360 view of the city from here!
I went back down a couple floors and ordered a Stoutie.  They took a photo of me and then printed it on to the foam!?!
As I was shopping around the souvenir store, I ran into Odette?!?  Turns out she worked on Westjet's inaugural flight to Dublin!
I went back upstairs to enjoy the rest of my pint and spotted a rainbow!?!
I'm so happy I checked this place out because the Irish stout tastes so much better here!
Bye-bye for now.  

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