Monday, 3 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 3)

I checked-out of the Ashling Hotel this morning and just walked across the street...
to the Heuston Train Station.
I was on my way to Cork for 19.99 Euros.
The interior of the train was very spacious!
I had two and half hours of this lovely countryside.
I wanted to sleep along the way, but I didn't want to miss any sightseeing like...
these SHEEP!!!
Oh, and they've got wind turbines here too!
Wifi is free on the train, so I was able to update my blog.  ;-)
Whoa, that's the ruins of a castle?!?
I finally arrived at Kent Station in Cork.
I just snapped photos as I walked over to our rendezvous.
I was just trying to comprehend how old these buildings were.
Crossing the streets, you have to be extra vigilant because of the way they drive here.  ;-)
I was early,
so I killed some time in this...
130 year old pub...
named Sin e!
A lot of history in the bar and many bands have played here!
They also have free Wifi!  Hehe
Time to see the city centre.
The Lee River...
runs through it.
I love how the weather changes constantly here.
A lot of shopping is done here.
Here's my boy, Trevor!!!
He and Cassandra are getting married tomorrow!  They're the whole reason we flew over here.  :-)
They and a bunch of their friends all worked on "Game of Thrones" on their stunt team!?!
We all took a 45 minute bus ride to Blackwater Castle...
located in Castletownroche.
We went up the tower...
and took some photos.
This place was awesome!
It even has its own bar with Guinness on tap!?!
I met Adam, a UK based stunt performer who also knows Charles!  :-)
And here's a grand piano.
Friends and family...
all started to gather in our pub.
I just couldn't believe we were all partying in a castle.  Haha!
Gotta get an ego portrait.  LOL!
Dinner was served.
See how the weather changed?
Here's Maya and her cat, Chloe.  Her parents own and run Blackwater Castle.
Trevor's cousin, Jen and his aunt, Linda were a couple of cutie pies!  :-)

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