Tuesday, 4 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 4)

The big day had finally come and I was at it again, drinking Guinness, but this time while wearing a cloak!  ;-)
Kendra was drinking a pint too!
Cassandra's dad, Douglas joined us outside.
The castle's pub is always a popular place.  Haha!
Ohhh, look how cute Jen is!?!
Practicing some bubble blowing.
Ahhh, the wedding rings!
As you can see,
the wedding couple arranged...
for an ethereal theme for their special day.
Although, some dressed-up more than others.  Haha!
The HoneyVoom Duo played music from "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones"!
We are BC Film.  ;-)
We were about to experience a druid wedding!
Bring on the bubbles!!!
So much fun!
Cassandra flanked by her parents.
Tell us how it is, Mister Druid.
Trevor was accompanied...
 by his mother, Judy.
Time to hold the Sword of Truth.
They can't lie now.  Hehe...
Enter the wedding rings.
The vows were exchanged and agreed upon.
Congratulations to Cassandra and Trevor for doing the "thing"!!!  :-)
Time for refreshments!
I wanted to grab a photo with the newlyweds, but they realized I was wearing a cloak.  Haha!
I'm so thankful to these two for inviting me to their wedding!  I don't know if I'd come to Ireland otherwise.  :-)
Kevin and Kendra are off to Iceland tomorrow!
I just went nuts taking photos,
so enjoy!

Initially, the wedding was supposed to take place outside, but it rained today.
It eventually cleared-up,
so I took my tripod outside...
and played with my cloak.  Haha!
FYI: That's a Darth Vader pose.  ;-)
Valeria and Jonathan are a lovely couple from the UK.
So these guys were watching me do my thing through the window and decided to join.  LOL!
What are these two watching?
The HoneyVoom Duo of course!  :-)
They were so good!
Off we go to the coach house...
for dinner!
I can't get over the decor.
After our meal, we moved back into the castle...
for some dancing!
I knew the couple could do stunts,
but I didn't know they could dance!?!
These two are so perfect for each other.
They love making movies...
and their both...
big time nerds!  Haha!
You can't help, but love them!  :-)
Everyone now!
Oh, looks like Cody cut-in?!?  Hehe...

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