Thursday, 6 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 6)

As promised, Nina let me walk Jackson this morning!  :-)
According to Sheila, she never lets anyone walk him even her granddaughter!?!
I feel so special now!  I was so thankful because it's been awhile since I've been responsible for a dog.  I really miss it.  :-)
Our group is a little smaller now since some of our friends have parted ways with us, but we were back on a bus for more sightseeing.  We also had to say, "goodbye," to Blackwater Castle.

Many thanks to the owners and staff for their hospitality!!!  :-)
We slowly passed through the town of Limerick.
I took shots of the common houses.
That's Bunratty Castle.
More meadows!
Passing through Ennistymon.
Lovely meadows again!
On our way to the...
Cliffs of Moher!!!
This was one of our planned stops...
along our way to Galway.
I really didn't know which way to go because there was a fork along the path.
I chose to go right which turned-out to be the better choice.
We got cows here!?!
I bumped into Cassandra's grandparents, Linda and Wayne...
 and they led me to the best parts of this place!
It's crazy because one slip off this hill and you're done!
Linda said we should go over to that ledge!?!
These two were great because they offered to take photos of me all the time.
The views were incredible!
I decided to sit on the ledge.
Then Wayne took a shot of me.  This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!  :-)
The path looked like it could go on forever,
but we decided to stay near the top for more photo opportunities.  ;-)
"Canada is over there!"
Huh, there's some kind of love fence here.
It must work because as we were walking, a couple asked me to take a photo of them and then all of the sudden the boyfriend got on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend right then and there!?!  It was an amazing moment!

Congratulations to Shelly and Perry of Costa Mesa!!!  :-)
It was time to head back to our bus.

Big thanks to Douglas for paying for our visit here!!!  :-) 
On the road again.
This hill is just covered with rocks!?!
We eventually arrived in Galway...
and I checked into my room...
at The Galmont Hotel & Spa!  :-)
A bunch of us had dinner at Osteria Italiana da Simone!  Then it was time to go to bed.  Haha!

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