Friday, 7 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 7)

This is what I woke-up to this morning.
I love it when hotel rooms have great views.  :-)
Here's another reason why I chose this hotel,
their swimming pool!  :-)
After my swim, the weather was still great,
so I walked through town...
to get some breakfast.
Along the way, I bumped into Cassandra and Trevor who were also on a little walkabout!  :-)
I decided to go the McCambridge's...
because of all their positive online reviews.  ;-)
Walking through the Latin Quarter now.
It's so pretty here!
Hey, they have their own version of a seawall in this town!?!
The swans be sleeping.
This field is either for hurling or for rugby.  It was huge!
That lighthouse at the far end was the last thing that Irish emigrants saw when they were fleeing the potato famine.
There's actually a monument stating that fact, but I placed my phone on it in order to take this photo.  ;-)
I had to do everything outdoors now because the forecast called for rain in the afternoon.
Approaching Salthill Beach.
I see a Ferris wheel and storm clouds!
This could almost pass for Vancouver.  ;-)
I think I'm getting a tan here!?!
Just beautiful!
Oh shit!  I better get going.  ;-)
Once I got back into town,
I did some more sightseeing...
and shopping.
The town centre got super packed...
with tourists when I returned, so I went back to my hotel and took a nap.
Once I woke-up, I made my way over to Brasserie on the Corner.
This restaurant also has great reviews which is why it was so packed last night and we couldn't get in!
I decided to get dinner here at a precarious hour to avoid the rush, but they were still on their lunch menu,
so the waitress had to pull a few strings with the kitchen staff to make an exception for me because I wanted their Ribeye.  ;-)
For dessert, I ordered some Sticky Toffee Pudding!  This place didn't disappoint with their food or their service, so I left them a big tip!  :-)
I love Galway!!!  :-)

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