Wednesday, 5 June 2019

A Wedding in Ireland (Day 5)

I promised Judymay that I would accompany her up the tower this morning...
because she was a little scared to go all the way to the top by herself.
I love how Trevor and Cassandra flew the Stark flag here!  :-)
Yay!  Judymay made it!
In this photo we have the secret garden to the left, the dormitories in the middle, and the coach house on the right.
Man, I don't think Chris is afraid of anything!?!
You can already see the weather changing from up here.
Ego portrait time.
Awww, what a sweetheart.  :-)
Trevor was flying his drone while we were up here.
Shelene joined us too.
Back to the dormitory, I go.
I love Blackwater Castle and its owners, Patrick and Sheila!
Eventually, Christina, Marshall, and Cody woke-up,
so we decided to walk over to the closest town pub.
I can see the neighbours from here!
We saw someone up ahead walking her dog!
It was Patrick's mother, Nina and her dog, Jackson!
Jackson was so excited to meet us...
and quite submissive.
He's a wired-haired Dachshund...
and got his name from Michael Jackson because he stayed at the castle once.
He's a wise-looking boy.  :-)
We were all amazed on how narrow the streets are in this town.
Here it is, The Rockforest Bar!  :-)
But of course.  ;-)
This is Michael, the owner and this is his hurling stick.  Haha!
Oh dude, I love this urinal wall!?!  It's just a wall with a little drain in the corner!?!
Hey Christina!
You went into the wrong bathroom!  Haha!
I was so curious about life in this small town.
A place this small, everyone here must know each other?!?
As the evening rolled-in, so did the locals and all the friends and family from our group.
The newlyweds gave all of us a private screening of their new web series, "Life XP"!
Michael arranged for some of the locals to play live music for us tonight!
And we just danced the night away...
or should I say, "tapped."  ;-)

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