Monday, 21 August 2017

A Day with the J-Dawg

As funny as it sounds, I've actually missed having to carry poo bags these past few months!  LOL!
The day of the solar eclipse marked the first time she and I hung-out alone!  I only had a fitting this afternoon, so I took her along with me.  ;-)
Everyone at the production office was in love with the little girl!  :-)
She even acted as a security detail at Bendner's sign-in table.
What the Hell?!?  I didn't know Marguerite (Set Decorator) was working on this show?!?

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: Wardrobe Fitting.
Length of Call: 1.5 Hours.
Our next stop, the Deuma residence.
It just so happened that Robert and his family are in town this week!  :-)
Carina found a new teddy bear.  Haha!
Juno loved playing with the kids!
She also conducted some business with Uncle Robert.
She purchased a five million dollar home all from Roberts phone and sitting on his lap!
Her work is done.  Time to rest.  Hehe...
The transferring of laps.
Carina is usually allergic to dogs, but so far so good with the little curly one.  ;-)
Uh oh, the Surrey/Calgary gang connection showed-up!
These gangs will never die...
Oh wait!  Here comes the PoPo!  Haha!
A group shot by Theresa.  :-)
More dogs showed-up with the arrival of Mike and Tanya!
But we had to make another stop at Angie and Landon's place!
The future sweethearts finally met!
Juno's quite the intrepid one.  ;-)
Awww, she found a comfy spot beside the big dog.  :-)
Man, her legs have gotten longer!
We found out she loves ice cream!  Uh oh...
So cute together!!!  :-)

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