Wednesday, 30 August 2017

; (Day 1)

I brought a few shoe options today.  ;-)
Marissa (In-Motion Talent) was here today, but it was her last day of background for now because she's going back to school next month.
We were all in awe of how Jemma styled her (In-Motion Talent) hair!
Ohhh...  I'm going to miss that cute face!  :-(
We all scream for ice cream!!!  ;-)
Oh my goodness!  Karyn (Lucas Talent) had arrived!!!  :-)
I love the sound mixer's cart!
(Lucas Talent) was an orderly again, but of a different kind.
The kind that licks Sarah Connor's face.  Ewww!!!  ;-)

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 33 Background.
Length of Call: 12.5 Hours.

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