Monday, 7 August 2017

Time to Head Back

"Good morning, kids!" 
and Bonnie were up bright and early today!
Heather and George insisted that we stay over last night, so we did.  :-)
"Good morning, June!!!"
This is where she slept last night.  Nadine gave us a towel with her mom's scent on it for June's comfort.  ;-)
June in Sphinx pose.  Hehe...
On the drive back, June found a comfortable spot behind my shoulder.  LOL!
We made a pitstop at Birchwood Dairy Farms for a drink...
and a stretch.  ;-)
We were all serious as I took the driver's seat,
but then we were all smiles!
Tongues out, Baby!

Gratitude to Heather and George for their hospitality!!!  :-)

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