Sunday, 27 August 2017

Shakespeare on Sunday

I picked-up Alesha and Angela this afternoon and headed over to The Bernie Legge Theatre...
for a matinee showing of "Love's Labour's Lost"!  If you look closely, you can spot Alex doing some BG.  LOL!
We all celebrated Emily's wonderful performance as the Princess of France!
Emily's Elizabethan was impeccable!

Great job, Lady M!!!  :-)
Bobo-G, the Badger, and I were all hungry after the play, so we drove over to Taverna Greka for some dinner.  The food was great!  :-)
After dropping-off Angela, Alesha and I went over to Earnest Ice Cream's newest location at Lower Lonsdale!  It's only been open for nine days.
Thank you, Badger!!!  :-)
Of course we paid a visit to the curly one!  Haha!  :-)

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