Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Devil Inside

Trust me, this is usually a beautiful view.  :-(
Harley tried to avoid my lens, eh?
Yoris (Lamp Operator) loves it though!  Haha!  I haven't seen him since "MECH X-4".
I finally got her!  LOL!
I spy two ferries.
We all caught water taxis to Bowen Island!
I recognized this trail.
It's where I took the Badger once and now I took Julian to the same spot!  :-)
I found a spot to relax.  ;-)
This colourful bug found a spot too!
On my leg.  Haha!  :-)
We had a group of curious kayakers paddle closer to see what we were filming.
There was a resident swan who came by for a visit!
One of our boat captains brought-out some chips.
The swan was loving it!  :-)
Another "MECH X-4" alumni, Jeff (Gaffer)!  :-)
Jason joined us later in the afternoon.
 It may have been hazy today, but the sunset was still pretty.
It's nice and quiet here.  :-)
Hey, the moon is the same colour as the sun now!  Haha!  ;-)

Production: Click here.
Type of Call: 11 Background.
Length of Call: 11.3 Hours.

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