Sunday, 6 August 2017

Introducing JUNE!!!

After driving more than 4 hours, we finally made it to the doorstep of Chase Creek Labradoodles.  Nadine greeted us with our little one in hand!
Introducing June!
Also here to greet us was June's mother, Miss Delaware.
June's dad, Guinness joined us shortly after.
Kisses from Dad.
Kisses from Mom.
Kisses from both!  :-)
The family portrait.
Nadine broke-out the paperwork...
as all the dogs observed.
One last kiss between mother and daughter.  :-(
My first selfie with the little girl!  :-)
She has no eyes!  Haha!
She found a little comfort zone underneath the coffee table as we asked Nadine a bunch of questions.
Time to go outside for more photos...
with our new baby!
Megan and June...
sharing kisses!  :-)
After leaving the breeders, we drove over to Kamloops to see Megan's family friends,
George and Heather.
We played around with June in their front yard.
She was hard to keep still,
but I was able to snag...
a few good ones.  ;-)
This is a shot of a proud papa and his little girl.  Haha!
We found a perch for June on George's chest.  LOL!
"Go to sleep, little one." 

Big thanks to Nadine and Peter Briscoe of Chase Creek Labradoodles!!!  :-)

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