Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Full-Time Work (Season 2: Day 56)

(Lucas Talent) flew back to Hawaii for the day because I got tired of the cold weather in Vancouver.  Haha!
I wish, but this was the location of today's shoot!
Ann (Showbiz Management) and I (Lucas Talent) were a stand-in team once more!
There were so many little birds here!
And it was feeding time!
 They were so colourful...
and cute!
Woody (A Camera First Assistant) was dressed appropriately for the occasion.  ;-)
I haven't been to Bloedel Conservatory in years!
Thank goodness for work.  ;-)
This Amazon likes the heat.
We got a couple of red Macaws here.
Masouda (First Assistant Hair Stylist) was looking pretty cute today.  ;-)
Art enjoys the company.
A double dab from Second Team.
I spotted a little nest!
Our next set-up.
Parry Bobo (Showbiz Management) is a natural at this!
Some of these birds started talking to us!
Outside, we had a great view of the city!
The sky was clear,
but it was fucken cold today!
Regardless, we grabbed a photo together from this vantage point.  :-)
It was Jesse's (B Camera Operator) first day back at work.
I couldn't get over the Partridges that would casually cross our paths!
They even laid a bunch of eggs!
Krip or Blood?  ;-)
Two for...
two Macaws!
Oh look, a pineapple!
Kendra's (Production Assistant) turn...
with the birds.  :-)
Look what I got from Trevor!
It's a "Star Wars" original trilogy mug from Disneyland!
(Lucas Talent) was so happy and thankful!

Gratitude Trevor!!!  :-) 
During our lunch break,
Rob and Brandon battled...
with their new drones!  I seriously want one now.  ;-)
Ann (Showbiz Management) and Shaggy (Dolly Grip) took this time to enjoy the sun.
Will you melt all the snow and ice already?!?
This one would say, "We're rolling!"  LOL!
We got a, "hello," from this girl!
Kendra(Production Assistant), Trevor (Stunt Performer), and Chris (Stunt Coordinator) all on their phones.  Haha!
I really missed these guys during the holidays, so it's good to be back!

Production: Confidential.
Type of Call: Stand-in.
Length of Call: 12.1 Hours.

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