Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 3)

Gotta say, "good morning," to Duke.  :-)
The surfers were already out this morning!
We bussed over to the Ala Moana Center...
for a little shopping.
On the way to Diamond Head, we spotted the Hawaii Film Studio!
Obviously, this is where they film "Hawaii Five-O"!  You can't keep the industry away from me.  ;-)
Here we are!
I'm already loving the view!
"Hey Mom, aren't you a little overdressed for a hike?"  LOL!
That's Koko Head over there!
Oh cool!
A tunnel!
A dove.
"Yup, that's where we're going!"
"Okay, let's do this!"
No more pavement.
The hike is popular amongst tourists and the locals.
Time for a rest.
Another vantage point!
I can't get enough of the scenery.
Apparently, there used to be a large military installation in this crater back in the day!
This long set of stairs...
leads-up to this spiral staircase which takes you up to the different levels of this old army bunker!
Another stop,
so we could take a shot of my belly.  Haha!
Does this place...
ever have bad weather?
She was back at it!
The final stretch!
The view on the other side.
The rule-breakers.
A view from...
the bunker.
Fuck yeah!
Finally, at the top!
Damn, son!
She did it!
Mom and I still couldn't believe she made it all the way to the top!  Haha!
It's quite an accomplishment for an 81 year-old.
I'm so proud of this woman!  :-)
Oh man,
the view was worth it!  :-)
That's Waikiki down there!
It's so beautiful here!
It makes me want to retire here.  ;-)
The deets.
The MOMMIETRON and her Momma's Boy.
"Yeah, we conquered Diamond Head!!!"
Look at all those houses over there!
There's still a little military presence here.
It's time to head down now.
Hey, there's TC's helicopter!  ;-)
This tunnel was a little narrow.
Back at the souvenir shop, we spotted a dule of doves!
There's the summit...
and the MOMMIETRON crushed it!
It's nice here.

A group of Japanese tourists couldn't get over Mom's age when they saw her descend from the summit.  Haha!
She's quite the cool cat.
Let's get outta here.
Back where we started.
Well, that's a first!  Hehe...
When we returned to Waikiki,
Mom wanted to check-out the Trump International Hotel & Tower.
She wasn't too impressed with the inside because it didn't have as many shops as our hotel.  LOL!
We eventually walked over to Eggs 'n Things for dinner.
Back to the beach.
There's Diamond Head!
This beach is always filled with people.  :-)
Ohhh, she's so gangsta now!
Posing with our accomplishment behind us.  ;-)
Time to watch the sunset!
We love it here.  :-)
There's our home for the next few days.  :-)
We had a long day,
so we were happy to call it a night.  :-)

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