Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 7)

"No, Mom!  You're not getting another ukelele!"  LOL!
I'm going to miss my butt cleaner at this hotel.  ;-)
The day had finally come to say, "goodbye," to Duke and Waikiki.
Indeed, we were both sad to be leaving.  :-(
One of my regrets on this trip was that I never tried surfing these friendly waves.
Mom and I felt sorry for this one-legged dove, so we gave her some food.
The rest of her friends joined-in.  :-)
I'm going to miss waking-up to this beach...
and all the people.
We'll be back.  ;-)
Our shuttle dropped us off at the airport in the afternoon.
We walked around...
and admired their garden...
before hopping on our plane.
During our flight, I spotted Maui...
and the Big Island, Hawaii!  This was such a wonderful and memorable vacation, Mom and I are already planning on a return trip.  ;-)

Mahalo, Hawaii!!!  :-)

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